Pesto genovese and crema di pesto

Pesto sauce
Basil, 6 oz
Garlic cloves, 4
Pignoli (pine nuts), 2-4 oz, divided in half
Olive oil, 2 tbsp
Parmigiano-reggiano, finely grated, 1/2 cup

Crema di pesto
Butter, 2 tbsp
Heavy or double cream, 3/4 cup
Boursin Gournay garlic and herb cheese, 2 tbsp

Pasta of your choice (suggest artichoke "leaves" or foglie di carciofo from Maestri Pastai or tortelloni)
Prosciutto di Parma, thinly sliced (optional)

1. Purée basil, garlic, pine nuts, and olive oil in a mini food processor.
2. Blend in parmigiano for classic pesto and season to taste. If making pesto alla crema, stir purée, parmigiano, butter, cream and garlic and herb cheese together over low heat.
3. Set aside sauce, keeping crema version warm while the pasta cooks.
4. Lightly toast remaining pine nuts (it really enhances their flavor; optionally, you can toast all the pine nuts at the beginning of the recipe) and stir into sauce.
5. Toss cooked pasta with sauce.
6. If desired, crisp prosciutto in a microwave or pan over medium-high heat and crumble over pasta.

The story:
Amy: "You really don't have a pesto story?"
Civita: "The story would be that I don't usually put pine nuts in pesto. But you do."
Amy: "Silence. I love pine nuts. Pine nuts are the best thing ever."

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