A day in the life of the toddler palate no. 1

A new section on the intrigues of cooking (and sometimes "cooking") for a child who will eat ceviche and refuse dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets...

This morning (as we do every weekend), we walked to the farmer's market. My son eats his first breakfast when he first wakes up (today, banana and croissant) and then we nibble at the market. Before we left, I bought a maple-bacon doughnut and he had a root beer-flavored doughnut hole. 

A few hours later, he was taking a nap and I settled in to have my (amazing) doughnut with a cup of tea and the newspaper. To no one's great surprise, he woke up as I was taking my second-to-last bite. His bright little eyes widened and blinked, first with surprise, then with a look one could only describe as betrayal. 

He got the last bite. 

Feeling slightly guilty, I decided I should get together some lunch - quickly - for my doughnut-less boy. I had a package of quinoa, oatmeal and mashed fruit in the fridge and I popped a sweet potato cinnamon spelt pancake (ahhh, organic baby food) in the toaster. To try to supplement the calories, I spread almond butter on the pancake. The pancake was a hit, but the oatmeal medley was flat-out rejected with tightly sealed lips, so I added a tablespoon of peach noosa yogurt. Noosa is like eating frosting and will make anything better, at least in theory. In practice, those sweet baby lips pressed together until they almost disappeared. Then I noticed my son was licking the almond butter off the last bites of pancake and re-dipping into the jar (yes, so hygienic), so I dipped the oatmeal spoon instead. Apparently, a little almond butter was just what the quinoa, oatmeal, peach, pear, and yogurt medley needed to be palatable...but it was best spread on top of the sweet potato pancake.  

Weirdest lunch ever. 

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